Culture Concept

The corporate culture of Zhejiang Materials Industry Chemical Group Ningbo Co., Ltd. is "Work happily and live happily". The company has formed a cultural mechanism headed by the party branch and jointly built by HR, labor unions and youth league committees. Under the guidance of the company culture, under the active of different groups and organizations such as brigade culture, department culture, and community culture, the corporate culture has injected a steady stream of vitality and connotation into the company.

Culture Concept
Cultural Activities
Various cultural activities have enriched employees' spare time, allowing employees to play their own strengths, improve their overall quality, or cultivate hobbies in them.
Spiritual civilization

Traditional Chinese philosophy

Chinese history

Filial duty

Family Culture

Team building/ Cultural wall

Reading club

Physical fitness

Morning exercise

Sports meeting

Exchange match

Quality development


Body building

Happy life

Family Day

Quality improvement

Photography competition


Recreation and convalescent

Climbing and hiking

Community presence
Community culture is an important part of corporate culture, injecting unlimited vitality and vitality into the company. At present, the company has officially established 5 associations, namely, badminton club, basketball club, yoga club, puzzle culture club and fitness club.
Cultural Society
Yoga room
Fitness club
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